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About Suhail

Suhail is a successful entrepreneur, investor and trusted adviser to entrepreneurs and business leaders worldwide. With over 20 years of experience in capital markets, investment banking and advisory, Suhail helps people and organisations reduce risk, create value and make meaningful impact.

Worked with Leading Global Brands

Living a Life of Purpose

Suhail earned his Masters in Business Administration (MBA) with Distinction from the Edinburgh Business School in Scotland, U.K. As a successful alumni, in 2019 the Business School created a brief video to inspire students with Suhail’s story, values and passion for helping the ‘David’s take on the Goliaths.’

Supporting Entrepreneurial Success

Develop Leaders

Training and mentoring to become confident and capable leaders.

Drive Sales

Sales training, strategy and systems to accelerate revenue growth.

Manage Better

Board advisory and management support to improve profitability.

Raise Capital

Funding to realise full potential and growth of a business.

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