About Me

Suhail AhmadWelcome to my professional blog. A collection of my readings, articles and reports which I find helpful to clients, partners, and business leaders around the world. Helping us better understand the world of business, finance and investing in a digital world.

About me
I’m an entrepreneurial leader with over 22 years of experience in private and public capital markets, wealth management, advisory and financial technology. As both an experienced investor and entrepreneur, I’m passionate about growth, value creation and sustainability.


  • Masters in Business Administration (with Distinction) – Edinburgh Business School (UK)
  • Chartered Investment Manager – Canadian Securities Institute (Canada)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Economics – University of Calgary (Canada)

What I do
I’m an entrepreneur, trusted partner and adviser to senior executives and entrepreneurs worldwide. Helping them leverage technology to solve money, management and growth challenges. A strong believer that you should take advice from people who have “been there done that”, I provide candid and honest insights from my hands-on experience of starting, developing, investing in and selling of businesses.

I’m most excited about
With a wealth of knowledge gained by over 22 years in private and public capital markets and advisory, I’m leveraging my experience to lead a breakthrough blockchain (DeFi) project to empower entrepreneurs and investors worldwide, reinventing venture capital and development in the process.

Our vision is to eventually create a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) that will securely connect start-ups, SMEs and sustainable development projects with qualified investors, professionals and talent on-demand 24/7 within a secure borderless frictionless platform. Empowering the 500 million entrepreneurs worldwide with the expertise, capital and resources to successfully grow their business.

Starting young
As a creative problem solver at heart, I’ve naturally been able to think “outside the box” even from an early age. Born and raised in Canada, I became an entrepreneur at 12 years of age, collecting and reselling hockey cards to local shops and students at my school. Allowing me to build a hockey card collection for little or no cost and earn decent pocket money.

Later in high school (1990) I started a regular part-time job working at a Budget car rental agency and alongside selling promotional products and printing services (pens, caps, t-shirts) from a catalogue (no internet or email back then) to community clubs and local shop owners, door-to-door. There was never a dull moment between study, work and play.

Joining the digital revolution
I loved math but didn’t get into computing properly till Windows 95 when the family got its first desktop computer. It didn’t take long for me to go “crazy” and spend most of my time on the computer rather than the playground.  Two years later in 1997 and entering my third year of university, I created FinancialGuide.com website which would become one of the world’s first online financial portals. The website was eventually sold to a Fortune 500 company as I focused on developing my career.

Career summary
After finishing my Economics degree with a focus on macroeconomics and industrial organization, I became a wealth and financial advisor representing an RBC Financial Group company and later signing broker agreements with other investment firms such as AGF Funds, TD Asset Management and Templeton Funds. In 2004, I joined a boutique private equity and merchant bank and two years later become the Chief Executive of its Islamic investment banking subsidiary, Ittihad Securities Inc. based in Toronto.

In 2010, I left the industry, moving to the UK and pursuing my passion for fintech I co-founded Infinnet Technologies in 2012 and developed the SiAlpha quantitative investment analytics system which helps investors make more money with less risk. The SiAlpha IP was sold to an investment company in which I continue to have a significant equity stake.

I’ve had the privilege to speak at numerous international conferences sharing my insights on financial technology, investing and entrepreneurship.

Let’s talk
If I can help you or your business in any way, simply reach out by email or complete the contact form. I’m always happy to discuss genuine investment and business opportunities and support great people.

All the best,

Suhail Ahmad, MBA
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