digital technology

Digital Medical Tech Raises £1.2m funding

Digital Medical Tech (DMT), a solution provider for hospital management and asset tracking, recently raised $1.5 million in seed capital.  St. Louis, Mo.-based DMTI Capital Partners provided the funding which will be used to launch a nationwide engagement program for targeting healthcare providers and potential partnerships. Digital Medical Tech, which enables health systems to proactively […]

Report: Consumer Subscription Software Insights

Consumer subscription software (CSS) companies are differentiated from legacy ad-driven or free consumer apps in that CSS companies are providing high quality and useful applications that consumers are willing to pay a monthly or annual subscription for. This revenue model allows CSS leaders to primarily focus on the consumer experience versus optimizing for ad-targeting features. […]

Venture capital funding hits £4.3bn record high spurred by tech investment

Venture capital funding in the UK lifted to a record high during the first half of this year, bolstered by a hunger for tech investments. VC funding rose to £4.3bn during the first half of 2019, a 45pc year on year increase, according to Workthere, the serviced-office arm of Savills estate agent.The average deal size […]

Existential risk from artificial general intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems are becoming smarter every day, beating world champions in games like Go, identifying tumours in medical scans better than human radiologists, and increasing the efficiency of electricity-hungry data centres. Some economists are comparing the transformative potential of AI with other “general purpose technologies” such as the steam engine, electricity or the […]