Migration is vital to the future of UK fintech

Fintech in the UK continues to outpace the rest of the world. But Brexit has raised questions about its future, especially when it comes to recruiting new tech talent.

Though I firmly believe that the UK will remain in the top spot, I do think that the government needs to ensure that entrepreneur migrants can come to the UK unhindered. After all, migrants and refugees such as Sukhpal Singh AhluwaliaNing Li and Will Shuhave powered the UK economy through good times and bad.

Migrants are powering the startup ecosystem in the UK

In the UK you get the feeling that migrants from across the globe play a key role in the startup ecosystem. There are no definitive figures to back this up across the board, but anyone who has worked with startup teams or entrepreneurs, in London at least, knows that a large proportion have come to the UK from other nations. This fluidity and movement of talent keep the ideas and innovations flowing across borders.

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Migration is vital to the future of UK fintech