Islamic Fintech Startups in UK

The Islamic Finance Industry holds much promise, with assets expected to reach $3.9 trillion by 2023 according to Thomson Reuters, however, Islamic Fintech is at the very beginning of an exciting, transformative journey for the industry, one still dominated by largely domestic and OIC-based financial institutions. A young, digitally native Muslim demographic that is on […]

UK Market-Based Finance

Ultra low rates, new regulations and the need to invest in updating their businesses mean many UK and global banks are struggling to make their cost of capital. This will drive changes to firms’ business models as they look to improve efficiency, resilience and customer experience. Technology is enabling unbundling of activities which historically were […]

Major Players In Fintech Ecosystem

Expansion, disruption and competition are the defining themes of our respondents’ outlook for 2019. The race is most definitely on. “It will be the year when more digital banks and platforms come of age, driving more competition between traditional high street banks and amongst themselves,” said one leading fintech. “Big banks will start stepping up […]

Transforming Financial Services in the UK

The UK is viewed as a leading location for FinTech thanks to its position as both a top financial services jurisdiction and one of the highest ranked global technology hubs. It cannot rest on these laurels, as there is competition from Asia, the US and increasingly from Europe. Global expansion is essential for scale and […]

VC Funding Fintech in UK

We expect fintech businesses to take longer than some traditional startups to reach profitability. They prioritise reinvestment in order to scale as their business models often rely on volume in order to achieve profitability. Financial services is a heavily regulated industry with a large legacy technology and transactional infrastructure. Both these challenges need to be […]

Global Analysis of Investment in Fintech

Over the past year, insurtech matured significantly as a sector, with insurtech companies attracting larger and larger funding rounds globally. On a global level, there were 13 insurtech deals over $100 million during 2018, including a $375 million raised by Oscar Health Insurance in the US and $200 million raised by PolicyBazaar in India. Insurtech […]

London’s Emergence as a Fintech Location

In the early days of fintech, much was made of the potential of start-ups to disrupt the retail banking industry winning over customers on the virtue of improved user experience and capitalising on a decline in levels of confidence in banks following the Global Financial Crisis (GFC). London proved to be a remarkably fertile ecosystem […]

Global Analysis of Investments in Fintech

Corporate VC investment in fintech for 2018 of $23.1 billion nearly doubled the previous high of $11.6 billion seen in 2016, with the number of corporate fintech deals growing for the eighth successive year. Increasing corporate participation highlights fintech going mainstream as well as a competitive response to the emerging threat of Fintech companies that […]

Fintech is an Evolution of Financial Services

Fintech is a radical evolution of the financial services industry, driven by a combination of technology advancements and changing customer expectations. Fintech has grown significantly in recent years. Investments peaked in 2015 , with a total deal value of $60 billion globally. Banking has led the growth of fintech with insurance and asset management beginning […]