Artificial Intelligence

Impact of AI on life of UK

According to the report by Microsoft, AI is here. Whether that fills you with excitement, unease, or a combination of the two, there can be no denying that a new era of intelligent computing has begun – and is set to transform many aspects of our personal and professional lives. It’s already happening. From digital […]

Role of AI in Financial Services

Within financial services there have been many innovations that have changed traditional banking over time, reimagining the way the industry operates, as well as the nature of jobs. The financial services industry has a history of using quantitative methods and algorithms to support decision making. These are a foundation of AI systems, and the industry […]

Investments in AI Startups

Big companies are acquiring AI startups. Acquisitions are used by companies for strategical benefits such as access to a new market, products and services. Acquisitions also help companies to diversify their portfolios and to achieve economies of scale. Companies need to protect their market share and be competitive and with the help of acquisitions they […]

Importance of London’s AI suppliers

London’s AI suppliers are spread across the capital with some emerging clusters. Of the 558 companies we were able to find office addresses for, 71% are concentrated in the top 10 locations. The largest cluster is in the EC1 and EC2 postcodes where 30% are located, followed by 11% in WC1 and WC2, 9% in […]

Growing UK’s AI Industry

This demonstrates a steady increase in the number of enrolments, at Masters and Doctorate level at least, however, estimates both of potential and predicted growth in the use of AI in the UK would require significant increases in numbers at both levels to be realised in practice. Applying forecast worldwide percentage growth rates in AI […]

What I’m Reading: AI for Businesses, Blockchain, Crypto Scammers

UK companies that adopt AI late or not at all could lose 20pc cash flow British companies that fail to invest in artificial intelligence soon are at risk of losing 20pc of their cash flow, McKinsey has warned. New figures claim that AI could boost the UK economy by 22pc in the next decade by making companies more productive, […]