Once in a Millennium

Today is February 2nd, 2020, or 02-02-2020 is a rare palindrome that occurs once in a millennium. The word palindrome comes from the Greek words “Palin,” which means “again, back” and “dromos,” meaning “running,” according to dictionary.com So palindrome is a word or phrase that runs back on itself.

I don’t watch much news other than Bloomberg and didn’t realize the significance of today’s date until my mother (of course) shared it on WhatsApp. I don’t spend much time on social media either other than to share the occasional post/share to stay engaged with my clients and partners. So when I did a quick Google, I noticed how people were using the ‘auspicious’ day as an opportunity to get married and do whatever they were holding off from doing. So the Super Bowl tonight is a little more special than usual.

But this palindrome made me reflect on what it would’ve been like on 01-01-1010, it was the year and beginning of the¬†Julian Calendar which fixed the year-end as December 31st. It was also the year in which the Nile River in Egypt froze over and the first time apparently a Viking explorer attempted to settle in North America.

More importantly, what will the planet and our world look like on March 3rd, 3030 or 03-03-3030? Can you imagine!?

Will the earth survive the ecological damage our industrial world has subjected the earth to over the past centuries? Will we be able to stabilize or reverse climate change? Or will the earth become a wasteland like the many apocalyptic movies portray and we’ll be living on Mars?

The year 03-03-3030

You can let your imagination go wild by trying to imagine what the world would look like 900 years from now. We won’t be around, and neither will our children, grandchildren, or grand grandchildren for that matter.

What’s certain is that we can’t keep polluting and plundering the earth as we have and any hope of making the planet a better place in a100 years, let alone a millennium from now is for us all to make small changes starting now. Just putting your plastic bottle in a recycling bin isn’t enough. We must make responsible conscious choices about how we live, travel, invest and do business.