fintech adoption index

Rise of Fintech Services in UK

The FinTech industry has grown up and grown out. No longer made up of only start-ups, FinTech today is a host of seasoned companies that offer a broad array of financial services and operate on a global stage. Consumers like what they see. Adoption of FinTech services has moved steadily upward, from 16% in 2015, the year our first FinTech Adoption Index was published, to 33% in 2017, to 64% in 2019. Awareness of FinTech, even among nonadopters, is now very high.

Worldwide, for example, 96% of consumers know of at least one alternative FinTech service available to help them transfer money and make payments. Adapting to the rapid evolution of this dynamic and
innovative industry, we conducted online interviews with more than 27,000 consumers in 27 markets across six continents, up from 20 markets in 2017. Ten of the 27 markets this year are emerging markets, a recognition of the leading role many of these emerging markets play in FinTech adoption.

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