What Will Bitcoin Look Like in Twenty Years?

Square Crypto, the division of the publicly traded payments company that focuses exclusively on bitcoin, just hired one of the world’s most prolific bitcoin developers. Chaincode Labs alum and Blockstream co-founder Matt Corallo previously authored notable efficiency improvements such as the rust-lightning implementation, which makes it easier for users to build and interact with layers of the […]

British Authorities Seek Data from Crypto Exchanges in Search of Tax Evaders

HM Revenue & Customs, the British tax authority, is pressuring cryptocurrency exchanges to reveal customers’ names and transaction histories, in a bid to claw back unpaid taxes, industry sources said. British Authorities Seek Data from Crypto Exchanges in Search of Tax Evaders. Letters requesting lists of customers and transaction data have landed on the doorsteps […]

UK privacy chief joins warning about cryptocurrency

The UK’s data privacy chief has joined the chorus of warnings over Facebook’s proposed digital currency, Libra.  Elizabeth Denham, who runs the Information Commissioner’s Office, has signed a statement alongside counterparts in the US, Canada, Australia and the European Union. UK privacy chief joins warning about cryptocurrency. The statement said they have “shared concerns” over […]

Facebook Disappoints with Libra Coin

In December (2018), I did my last Dinsider podcast about the digital market, blockchain and digital currency, and in cryptocurrencies. I have decided to continue the podcast, after the massive hype over Facebook coin and Libra coin and I had to respond I had to show my insights. Clear what this is and is there […]

What I’m Reading: Small Biz Entrepreneur,Cryptocurrency Scam, Digital Economy

Financial landscape for female entrepreneurs  Angel investment is a significant source of risk capital for start-up and early stage businesses across Europe.  As avid watchers of the BBC’s Dragon’s Den will know, it offers entrepreneurs not only finance but vital business experience and expertise to enable businesses to achieve their high growth potential.   But in […]

Dinsider Episode 12: New blockchain and crypto legislation in the U.S.

In this episode of the Dinsider podcast, I will share with you three new U.S. legislative proposals on blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Click below to listen to the podcast: According to Congressman Emmer, who leads a Blockchain caucus, “The United States should prioritize accelerating the development of blockchain technology and create an environment that enables the […]