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Global Drivers of Fintech Growth

According to the Dinar Standard the fourth industrial revolution has driven tremendous innovation in the global financial services industry, with over 12,000 startups emerging globally to disrupt every aspect of finance. The Islamic Finance industry has begun experiencing unprecedented innovation, but Islamic Fintech has a long journey ahead. The Global Financial services industry has seen […]

Investments in AI Startups

Big companies are acquiring AI startups. Acquisitions are used by companies for strategical benefits such as access to a new market, products and services. Acquisitions also help companies to diversify their portfolios and to achieve economies of scale. Companies need to protect their market share and be competitive and with the help of acquisitions they […]

8 Technology Predictions for 2018

I’ve been “working” in technology since 1997 when as a student I landed a part-time job at our University of Calgary’s computer store (called Microstore, if I recall correctly). My working days were filled with Windows 95 troubleshooting, advising on software sales, and helping professors and fellow students configure their computers. There were no smartphones, […]