AI opportunities

Impact of AI on life of UK

According to the report by Microsoft, AI is here. Whether that fills you with excitement, unease, or a combination of the two, there can be no denying that a new era of intelligent computing has begun – and is set to transform many aspects of our personal and professional lives. It’s already happening. From digital personal assistants, such as Cortana and Alexa, to the algorithms that allow the likes of eBay and ASOS to make suggestions based on our previous behaviour, AI is the emerging power behind daily life in the UK.

Meanwhile, applications such as chatbots and robotic processing automation (RPA) are also having a significant impact on operating practices in workplaces across both the public and private sectors. As Microsoft’s Chief Technology Officer, Enterprise, Norm Judah explains: “AI is about augmenting human ingenuity. Whether you’re a seller, a marketer, a lawyer or something else, AI will change the way you make decisions. It can help you navigate vast amounts of data and give you advice and recommendations
about how to proceed. What you do with that advice is up to you.”

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