ZeroIn Tech Conference (Amsterdam)

Zero-In Conference focuses on showcasing global companies and speakers in targeting/personalization for Fintech and Marketing products.Suhail was attending to exhibit and demo the dFinancial Network platform.

Zero-In is a tech conference with a people first approach, focus on the long-term trend of personalization in tech products and experiences. Our companies are on the bleeding edge of automation, targeting and building positive customer experience. We have our roots in the UPRISE Festival Europe series with 6 events on its belt and more to come.

The key nature of the acceptance of technology is recognition on how relatable it can be, to us as users and present the value in a clear fashion while maintaining an empathic approach for copy and problem resolution.

Photo credits: dFinancial Network


The conference focuses on the real people building ‘personalization’ into technologies in the fields of digital banking, payment tech, AI, retail, automation, and Blockchain tech. That’s on the Fintech Stage and understanding data and personalization with boundaries of data protection on the Marketing Stage.”

What is in it for startups founders and teams that they can’t achieve by going to another tech conference in Amsterdam?

“There are a plethora of expos and standard conferences replicating formats that focus on numbers but our attention falls on enabling valuable relationships between attendees in an informal environment. We bring together decision-makers and global CEOs who build products and are influencers in their field of expertise. We arrange more meetings with better people.

Personalization is not just our focus but our mantra and it comes to life in the form of our sessions from intimate Workshops and Speaker Round Table sessions with a lot of attention paid to networking and building relationships between attendees, companies, and speakers.”

The workshop space holds 5 workshops delivering hands-on tips & tricks on topics such as valuation and investment negotiations. The 50X network consists of industry leaders, influencers, and VCs that can be booked in for one-on-one meetings.

Tell us about some of the speakers who will be at the conference.

We have two primary stages – Fintech Stage & Market Stage with top-tier speakers from all over the world. The companies represented by C-Level decision makers are leading forces and rising stars in banking & payments, marketing & advertising and targeting & automation.



ZeroIn Tech Conference (Amsterdam)