ScotChain16 last year saw Edinburgh host a hugely successful event attended by over 200 leading global Blockchain experts and business leaders debating and challenging the hype, the reality and ultimately, the best use cases.

So where are we some twelve months on?

The conversation around Blockchain is rapidly changing. We’re only now starting to understand this technology’s real, practical and full potential, and this means that there is still much to discover and explore.

The buzz we experienced surrounding Blockchain technology has started to take a different tone and it is this different tone that ScotChain17 will explore.

Last year, the conversation in the main revolved around financial services. This year we will see subject matter and topics of discussion going far beyond the traditional or well-known use cases.

So… what next for Blockchain?

Scotland is at the heart of the answer to this question and with many Blockchain events focusing on the technology itself, we will ensure that this event switches this up to focus on real, tangible applications together with the underlying challenges and issues from real Blockchain experts and practitioners and those bloodied by the ‘Battle for Blockchain Talent’.

Add in to the mix that we will also be hosting several satellite activities styled around Hackathons, technical demonstrators and proofs of concept and ScotChain17 becomes the must attend event for 2017.

Whether you want to understand issues such as data integrity and privacy, scalability, consensus, collaboration and consortia, or want to know more about legal, ethical, moral and related practical considerations, come and hear from a global panel of subject matter experts and Blockchain industry leaders.