Edinburgh International Asia Conference

The Edinburgh International Asia Conference (EIAC) is a high level platform for Scottish student engagement in Asia, in which we invite top academics and professionals to expand students’ outlooks, inspire their interest in the region and connect them with the opportunities to use their knowledge to create positive impact and emerge as leaders in their fields. EIAC is a legacy event of University of Edinburgh Principal Sir Timothy O’Shea.

At the 2016 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Founder and Executive Chairman Karls Schwab stated that we are entering the Fourth Industrial Revolution,characterised by the growth of “cyber-physical systems” and accompanied by an unprecedented speed of change that will fuel the next phase of global economic growth.

EIAC 2017 aims to explore how we can work together across cultural, racial and national divides to overcome the challenges and realise the opportunities that the Fourth Industrial Revolution may bring. We believe that diversity makes us stronger, more innovative and ready to take on the challenges of tomorrow.

We divided the conference into three sections: Environment & Diplomacy; Business, Finance & the World Economy; and Public Policy, Law & Diplomacy.