Alternative Investment Assets Reach $7 Trillion USD

“The alternative assets industry has reached $7 trillion in assets in 2014,” said Preqin CEO Mark O’Hare in a statement. “The past year has seen significant growth in the assets held by alternatives managers, most notably in the value of unrealized assets in manager portfolios. Even with the sub-par performance seen by hedge funds over the course of the year, these managers witnessed the largest growth in their asset base as investors looked ot the true value investmens in hedge funds can bring.

“The recent news of CalPERS cutting hedge funds and reducing the number of private equity partnerships within their portfolio does not reflect the wider sentiment in the industry,” “From our conversations with investors, the majority of investors remain confident in the ability of alternative assets to help achieve portfolio objectives. Indeed, across all asset classes, a much larger proportion of investors plan to increase their exposure rather than cut back their allocations to alternatives. However, as the investor base for alternative assets grows and becomes more sophisticated, fund managers continue to face the challenge of how to attract this new capital. Those fund managers that continue to innovate with new products and solutions, as well as listening to investor demands for better alignment of interests and lower fees, may well be winners in 2015.”

Size of the alternative investment asset classes at the end of 2014:

  • Private Equity $3.8T
  • Hedge Funds $3.02T
  • Real Estate $742Bln (managed assets)
  • Infrastructure $269Bln

Source: Preqin’s 2015 Global Alternatives Report