Blockchain World Summit London 2018

Blockchain Summit London 2018 is a 2 day conference and exhibition connecting over 2,500 industry leaders, business decision makers, tech innovators and investors.

A unique agenda has been specifically created to maximise the busy schedule of the senior executive.

Cutting edge case studies offer a “how-to” approach to deploying Blockchain technologies across industries like finance, insurance, logistics, utilities, media and entertainment, and more.

Nexus provides live media and events that bring businesses from all over the world together. Their conferences and exhibitions help a range of industries to connect, and provide organisations with the information they need to evolve effectively in current and future markets.

Roundtable discussions and hosted networking sessions provide exceptional opportunities for attendees to connect with peers and deep-dive into topics.

The summit’s main focus is encouraging use of and gathering information on Blockchain technology, along with the impact this will have on private and public sectors. Our guest speakers will educate concerning B2B and B2C Blockchain capabilities. Consumers will gain an in-depth understanding of the ecosystem – a unique summit feature.



1: Taking Blockchain from proof of concept to reality

2: Blockchain applications – a mainstream option

3: Interoperability and collaboration

4: Disrupting industries – transportation, health care, public services and banking

5: Blockchain rights management

6: Security and privacy challenges

7: Supply chain management

8: Advantages of Smart Contracts

9: The future of data in a Blockchain world

10: Innovation and core technologies


Blockchain World Summit London 2018