World’s first trillion dollar techco

History is made today with Apple Inc. becoming the first technology company in the world to reach a trillion dollar market value. Although it’s not the first company as some media outlets are reporting as PetroChina briefly hit a trillion dollar market cap in 2007 before the credit crisis.

Nevertheless, I’m ecstatic and happy for Apple. Both as a customer and shareholder that has been able to be part of their amazing journey over the past eight years.

Apple share price has risen 20x (2,000%) from the 2008 lows when it was trading near $10 a share. Today it hit $208 a share!

Here’s a great graph my BBC on Apple’s journey to a trillion dollars:

Lesson: Saving won’t make you rich. Neither will speculating or short-term trading will. Unless it’s your full-time job and even then it’s not as easy as it looks. Be prepared to lose your shirt.

What will make you really rich is supporting and investing in passionate people with great ideas. The “crazies” that are trying to disrupt business models and building real products and solutions that will make our lives better.

Find as many of those crazies as you possibly can. Invest in them early but in small amounts. One of those crazy persons will make it and deliver the 2,000 – 10,000% return making you rich and part of something bigger than yourself. The journey will be just as fun as the destination.

This is not investment or personal financial advice. Informational purposes only. It’s common sense which unfortunately isn’t as common as you’d think. Invest in yourself and learn as much as possible about investing and personal finance. Get a good financial adviser. If you don’t have one or not happy with the one you do have, put in a request at http://www.Advisory.Direct and we’ll help you find one you can trust. (Yes, a shameless plug for our company. But we really do help.)

Listen to my quick 5-minute podcast about Apple’s historic milestone:

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Suhail Ahmad is one of UK's leading fintech entrepreneurs, a venture investor and trusted adviser to entrepreneurs and executives. Founder of the Financial Network, a group of companies and strategic partners that together form a boutique multi-disciplinary business advisory and investment firm.

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